Secrets to Finding Wholesale Lots from eBay

Finding wholesale lots to sell on eBay can be a time consuming and often overwhelming experience. Surprisingly one of the best sources of wholesale products is from eBay itself although finding these wholesale bulk products can be difficult due to the category structure of eBay and the listing decisions of the sellers there.

Ebay does not have a master category of wholesale products. Instead there are wholesale lot categories for many of the major product categories. For example, if you navigate through the Home & Garden section you will find the Wholesale Lots subcategory which itself contains many subcategories. This makes it easy to find a particular product within this category, but if your chosen product can be listed in other categories it can be time consuming to comparison shop for the best price.

Another option is to search using terms that are common to wholesale listings. A majority of sellers will list with "wholesale lots", "lot of", "bulk lot" and many other terms related to these. Using the advanced search feature of eBay you can often ferret out these lots by using a little thought about how you would title the product that you are looking for. When using the advanced search feature be sure to make use of the search modifiers. Using quotation marks around a set of words will make sure that the words are counted as a phrase. Putting a minus symbol before the word will ensure that the word is not included in the search. The asterisk symbol is counted as a wildcard and can be useful for plurals and root words, for example searching for jewel* would produce results for jewels, jewelry, jewelers and other related words.

Once you find a wholesale source for your desired product how can you determine that you can make a profit selling it online? Again, eBay itself is the best source for this information. The fact remains that no matter what you or any source you find values an item at it is still only worth what people are willing to pay for it. Ebay provides the ability to determine what people have paid for any item recently and due to the sheer number of unique transactions occurring daily this information is very accurate. To take advantage of this head to the advanced search feature again, enter the product that you are looking to sell and then select "completed listings" as the primary search option. Within the results provided items that did not sell will have their prices listed in red, but the items that did sell will be listed in green and have a "sold" box next to them. A quick scan of these should give you a pretty good idea of whether or not the product is sellable and at what price. Further evaluation of this information will also reveal the best category to list the product in, the best day to start the auction and other useful marketing information.

At any given time there are over 50,000 wholesale lots listed on eBay. With so many wholesale products available why doesn't everyone get their products there? There are two reasons that I attribute this to. The first is the difficulty in finding wholesale products at a price that allows for profit. The second is that many people simply lack both the storage space to store bulk products and the money to purchase them.

Although we cannot help with your financial or storage needs, we can help you find these wholesale lots on eBay. was created for just this purpose and provides a searchable database of lots from eBay and other wholesale sites online. This way you can compare offers to find the best available deal.

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